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Massage is the oldest form of medial treatment known to humanity the Chinese, Roman & Greeks knew to massage the body to relieve aches and pains.

The benefits to your body through massage can be improvement to circulation, promotes good digestion, improves self-esteem, stretches tight muscles, relieves head, neck, and back aches, stress relief, treats sports injuries, lower back pain. Treatments available...

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Treatments cover such conditions as soft tissue injuries spinal, neck and joint pain, arthritis, and rehabilitation after surgery, sports and work injury.

Acupuncture (Myotherapy) Treatments


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First Steps - Counselling for Men

The demand to cater for men's emotional health is awakening with every passing day. For a man to know that it is alright to seek help so that they don't face their fears alone and unheard.

This system of identifying the problems that are going on in a man's life so that the client can choose the right path to controlling their life and living with the people around them.

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